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Voopoo Drag Nano Pod Kit

$34.99 USD


voopoo drag nano salt nic vape device for sale online

Voopoo Drag Nano Pod Kit

$34.99 USD

Introducing the Voopoo Drag Nano Pod Kit!


     The Drag Nano by Voopoo is a little vape pod designed to like like the famous mods from the Drag series. Many vaping enthusiasts compared the Drag Nano to the Drag minus, noting that the former is just a smaller version of the latter, without the screen and buttons. The Drag Nano is a especially ideal option for those who prefer wearing a Drag as it comes with a necklace made of stainless chain link.
     It would be fair to say that this product is significantly better than the conventional lanyards that often come in kits. As the name suggests, the Drag Nano’s size is quite small. However, its build is quite robust and its battery capacity of 750 mAH is fantastic, especially considering its size.
     The drag comes with a capacity of 2 ml and one pod and is powered by the Gene Pod chipset by Voopoo. The manufacturer claims that this chipset makes use of a smart “cold boost pattern” which ensures the vape remains full of flavor from the first to the last hit. Voopoo especially made this device for high strength nic salts and juices. That said, many people wonder if it really is an authentic MTL. Before we discuss the Drag Nano a little further, let us talk about its manufacturer, Voopoo.


All about Voopoo

     Voopoo Gene is a massive platform devoted to creating innovative multi analysis tech to achieve unparalleled, power management, temperature control, power control, mode switching and plenty of other smart functions. Voopoo, the Drag Nano’s manufacturer, works with a renowned chip company from the United States known as Gene.
    The two have collaborated plenty of times, coming up with products like the Gene Fan, Gene TT, Gene AI, Gene Trio, Gene Pod and much more. Gene and Voopoos first collaboration happened in 2017 when they created high end fan chips that could be used in plenty of smart devices. 2018 saw the release of the Gene Fit Chip along with the drag 2 kits, which became incredibly popular.
     In 2019, Voopoo came up with the Gene AI, Gene Pod and Gene Trio, along with the Alpha, Drag and Vinci series. The company even collaborated with renowned universities from the United States to create a lab known as Da Vinci joint lab. One year later, Voopoo released the Drag X and Drag S series, which earned them plenty of awards, including the Equipment of the year award.
     2021 saw Voopoo release the Gene Fan 2.0, which the company included in its Drag devices. This decision proved to be an excellent one as it significantly improved the Drag’s overall output, offering fast bursts, stability and plenty more.
     This year, Voopoo released the Gene 2.0 chip which offers quick ignition and excellent boost to Drag devices. Needless to say, Voopoo’s penchant for evolving regularly makes it one of the best vape pod manufacturers out there, a major reason why the Drag Nano became a smash hit.
Robust and Durable as Ever
     If you have been using Voopoo’s vape products for a while, you will be well aware that the company does not compromise in build quality. It is safe to say that the Drag Nano’s build is incredibly robust and can withstand rough use. The product’s finish is fantastic and it feels fantastic in the hand. What’s best about the Drag Nano is that unlike many other resin designs, this one looks great and the aesthetically pleasing colorizations make it all the more pleasing to the eyes.
     The only downside of the Drag Nano’s build is that its zinc alloy body can easily get fingerprints. Fortunately, just a single wipe of a cloth will be enough to wipe them off. As mentioned earlier, this product is quite small, measuring around 11 millimeters by 40 millimeters by 55 millimeters (this does not include the pod.) However, if you include the pod, the mouthpiece will only stick about 100mm out of the device.
Setting the pod aside, which we will talk about in detail, this device is incredibly well balanced and feels quite solid, weighing about sixty grams. Also, since the draw in this device is automatic, it does not have any buttons, making the exterior look incredibly clean. The LED on this device is quite tiny as well. However, it is easy to see when you want to check the remaining battery life.
      As mentioned earlier, you can use this device as a lanyard because it comes with a necklace. The Drag Nano connects with the chain through a small ring, which comes with the package. If you plan to rack this device around your neck, keep ring on the Drag. Otherwise, you could risk losing it.
Let’s Talk About the Pods
     The single pod of 1ml that comes with the Drag Nano may not be enough for most vape lovers. This is arguably this product’s biggest downside and may cause people to look for other options. The pod easily clicks in the battery. While the click may not be too assertive, it does the job and is quite secure. Many prefer the clicking option to magnetic pods, which usually pop out quite frequently. That said, there is some wiggle room between the pod and the housing that undermines the secure feeling people want.
     If you want to refill your pod, all you need to do is pull it out from the housing and take the mouthpiece out. You will find the refill port high on the pod’s side. It would be fair to say that this product’s refill system is quite standard and may have used some changes to improve ease of use. Also, since the port is not too wide, some nicotine salt bottles might fit and others may not. You can still pour the liquid in if the bottle doesn’t fit, but the refill may get a little messy.


What about the Performance?

    The Drag Nano’s performance is more than decent. Whether you use a high PG juice or nicotine salt, both will wick and vape fine. That said, they will not be as remarkable compared to larger vape devices. The flavor that the Drag Nano produces will be good enough for the size. However, it may not have the throat hit that many other devices offer.
Does this mean that the Drag Nano is an inferior product? Well, the answer is no. The manufacturer made this product for those looking for a small vaping device that does not have hard throat hits. So, if you are relatively new to vaping or just like to vape occasionally, the Drag Nano may be the best option for you.
     Many people who have used the Drag Nano by Voopoo claim that its lung hit is restricted when compared to an MTL. Authentic MTL devices don’t require you to use your breath. However, you will have to use your lungs when using the Drag Nano. With all that said, you can still make use of high strength juices with this vape pad.
     As far as the temperature goes, this Drag isn’t as warm as many would like. This does not necessarily mean that it is cool. Maybe lukewarm or tepid would be better words for describing the Drag Nano’s temperature. The device will get slightly warmer once you start taking long drags, but it will not reach the warmth you would expect see in larger vaping devices.
This could be because of the Gene Pod chipset adjusting the consistency from the first hit to the last. These are only minor issues and it’s better to ignore them, especially considering how small this device is.
     You will not need to worry about the juice leaking or dribbling in the mouth when using the Drag Nano. What’s more, this pod is not too noisy, which is a huge plus.


Charging and Battery Life

     The 750 mAh battery in the drag nano is decent, but not the most impressive. It does come with a pass thru charging option, which is fantastic, considering it takes about an hour to charge. The inclusion of this charging option means that you can vape while the device is charging. You can check the device’s battery status from the LED lights. Here is a look at what the different colors on your device’s LED will indicate:
- Read light means, your battery is around 0 to 20%
- Blue light means that battery is around 21 to 60%
- Green light means the battery is around 61 to 100%

     The built in battery used for this device is around 750 mAh, which is quite decent if you compare it to the batteries used in other similar products. If your device’s battery is charged completely, it will easily last you the entire day. However, you may need to invest in another pod because the one you will get with the Drag Nano may not be sufficient enough for your needs.
     As good as this device’s battery capacity is, the pass through charging feature is what truly makes it stand out. Just make sure you keep an eye out for the battery life to ensure you charge your device before it runs out of power entirely.
Performance wise, this device is decent but not the best. If you have used the original version of the Drag and even the Drag 2, you will see noticeable drop in the overall performance. However, that is to be expected, considering the Drag Nanos smaller size. Remember, Voopoo did not specifically manufacture this device for hardcore vaping enthusiasts. Instead, it was made for people who vape occasionally or are just starting out.


Vopoo Drag Nano Pros and Cons

The Pros

- Decent flavor
- The draw is pretty easy
- The pod will not fall off and is held securely
- Users don’t have to worry about refill plugs
- The lead is tiny but visible
- The device has an excellent finish


The Cons

- The pod has some wiggle room
- The refill port is a bit narrow
- The vapor is lukewarm
- Only comes with a single pod, which doesn’t have enough capacity


Let’s Talk about the Airflow and Clouds

     The Drag Nano does not have any visible holes, besides the USB charging port and the LED indicator. This can make it hard to determine where the airflow actually comes from. However, if you observe closely, the two holes we talked about are exactly where the airflow of this device comes from. This kit offers a decent mouth to lung kit. While hardcore vape lovers may think it is a little too loose, it is still enjoyable.
     As far as the cloud production goes, it is fairly decent and considerably better than many other devices of the same size. If you want a direct lung hit and pull with all your might, the cloud production will of course be good, but not the most impressive.


Final Thoughts

     The Voopoo Drag series has been a smash hit among long time vapors and newcomers and should be in your collection. Sure, the vape quality could use a little improvement bit it is good enough to justify the product’s price, especially because of the exceptional body styling. The aesthetic appeal of the Drag Nano is really top notch and as mentioned earlier, it feels really good in the hand.
     However, if you are strictly looking for an authentic MTL, you may want to consider other options. Why? Because the draw is a bit loose. Plus, there is some uncertainty about how consistent or long lasting the coils of this product are. The small capacity of the pod is also something you may need to consider if you vape regularly throughout the day.
     Besides these minor drawbacks, the Drag Nano by Voodoo is definitely worth having, especially if you vape occasionally and want an aesthetically pleasing vaping device that you can hang as a necklace. If you want to purchase the Voopoo Drag Nano at the best price possible, then it is best to head over to CLOUD 9 SMOKE


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