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Suorin Air Plus

$39.99 USD

Color: Black

Suorin Air Plus Black Vape  The ultimate MTL vaping experience

Suorin Air Plus

$39.99 USD

The Ultimate MTL Experience - Suorin Air Plus

With its revolutionary Suorin Air Pod System Kit, Suorin has reinvented the vape industry's market. Building on its tremendous accomplishment, Suorin gave the device an upgrade and introduced the Suorin Air Plus. Featuring an upgraded chipset and battery, higher wattage, larger e-liquid capacity, as well as two distinct cartridges for freebase or salt-nicotine e-liquid, the Suorin Air Plus will provide the ultimate MTL vaping experience. The Suorin Air Plus is larger than the original device but has the same great design that the Suorin Air is known for. This device has an eliquid capacity of 3.2ml and a large 950mAh battery as compared to the mere 400mAh battery in the original Suorin Air. Additionally, the Suorin Air Plus is charged via USB-C for faster charging allowing the device to fully recharge in under an hour. The Suorin Air Plus Cartridges has been upgraded with features such as an Oil-Baffle Design that prevents leaking. The cartridges come in resistances of 0.7ohm and 1.0 ohm allowing you to utilize both standard and salt nicotine vape juice. The 0.7 ohm is optimized for standard vape juice while the 1.0 ohm is optimized for salt-nicotine juice. Upgrade your vape experience with the all new Suorin Air Plus today! 

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