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Starbuzz 250g

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Starbuzz 250g

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Starbuzz Hookah Tobacco 250g Canister

Since 2005, Starbuzz has been providing the highest quality tobacco products and has revolutionized the industry with their notorious and bold shisha tobacco flavors. They have focused on ensuring every customer has an amazing smoking experience while bringing a sense of satisfaction no other brand can. Typically a 250 gram jar of shisha will last for 15 to 20 hookah bowls depending on how you load the bowl.


How to Use:

  1. Lightly sprinkle the shisha into the Hookah bowl so that they are loose enough for air to pass through. The shisha molasses should be filled to the rim of the bowl, but no higher. Pat it down a little so it is slightly more desnely packed. Do not pack it down too densely, or you will restrict airflow through the bowl. 
  2. If you are using a metal screen, place it on top of the bowl. If you are using aluminum foil, wrap it over the head so that it fits snugly. Make evenly spaced holes through the foil to allow air to pass through.
  3. Place the bowl on top of the shisha stem. You might need to use a rubber seal to ensure the connection is airtight.
  4. Light your coals and wait for them to become red hot before spreading them evenly on the foil.
  5. Take a few breaths on the hose to get the air flowing. Give it a minute or two before the hookah is smoking properly.

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