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SMOK Novo 2 Kit

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SMOK Novo 2 Vape Kit Salt Nicotine Device Kit

SMOK Novo 2 Kit

$32.99 USD $34.99

Introducing the SMOK Novo 2 Kit!

    Smok is a renowned vape and e-cigarette brand across the globe. Their Novo vape line is particularly famous, which is why there was the Smok Novo 2s introduction was met with a great deal of interest. This product comes equipped with improved coils, better air flow, bigger battery and plenty of other features. All of these upgrades make this dab rig an excellent option for vapors looking for an affordable portable device that offers an exceptional experience.
Like most devices from Smok, this one is also ideal for most people as using it is relatively straightforward. One of the reasons behind this ease of use is that the pod doesn’t require wicking or coils. The inclusion of the draw activated firing mechanism also makes the Smok Novo 2 one of the best vaping devices out there.


The Brand behind the Product – All about Smok

     Smok is one of Shenzhen IVPS Technology Limited’s leading brands. Smok’s main focus is on e-cigarette development, research, production, brand building sales etc. The brand has been famous across the globe for its regular innovation, which is why it has been able to attract a global audience with its wide range of products.
     Being one of the biggest brands in the e-cigarette industry, Smok offers a vast variety of e-cigarette products that include vaporizers, ranging from entry to ultimate level. Besides manufacturing and selling the products, Smok also has a vaporizer management platform where people can share their vaping experience and add friends from different parts of the globe. The company continues to introduce more features in its online platform to create a vast community of e-cigarette enthusiasts. This has helped Smok become a giant in the industry as the platform is an excellent way to get product feedback and recommendations. The people working at Smok go above and beyond to offer customers only the best products to empower them to live a healthier life with excellent tobacco alternatives. Smok also has an excellent customer service system for efficient and smooth cooperation. Besides focusing on unparalleled quality and design, this company is dedicated to create new and exciting vaping experiences while prioritizing safety and quality.


What Makes Smok Novo 2 Different

      This vaping device has numerous outstanding features, making it a massive improvement over previous variants from the Novo line. Some of the most notable improvements in the Smok Novo 2 include higher wattage output, powerful battery and tighter draws. It also includes the typical features most vaping enthusiasts expect in pods, such as numerous color and design options and most importantly, portable design.
     Unlike most pods out there, this one does not produce heavy vapors. Instead, the manufacturer designed it for people looking for tight draws and strong hits. That said, this pod is quite decent when producing clouds. Smok used a pod of 0.8 ohm, which offers exceptional direct to lung draws. The Smok Novo 2 is incredibly flavorful, making up for its relatively low cloud production.
     If you are looking for an easy and simple to use pod, this one might be it as it does not come with power modes. Consider looking for a box mod that offers good battery and chip if you prefer power modes. Smok included all of the necessary safety features in this pod, like low voltage, short circuit and overtime protection. If you suspect your Smok Novo 2 has a problem, you will not need to worry about diagnosing each problem separately. Instead, the battery light of your pod will flash different colors to notify you if there is any issue, a handy feature that wasn’t present in older pods.
     Many people gave poor feedback to the Smok Novo, claiming that its airflow was not the best. Some also claimed that it was incredibly lose. The manufacturer took the feedback seriously and made sure the Smok Novo 2 improved upon its predecessor. As mentioned earlier, the airflow in this pod mod is tighter and users can notice better throat hits and MTL drags.
What’s more, the 25 watt output of the Smok Novo 2 is vastly better than the 16 watt output of the Smok Novo 1. The starter kit of this pod system comes with everything a vaping enthusiast wants. Upon opening the Smock Novo 2s package, you will find the device itself, a USB cable, 2 MTL pods and 2 mesh pods. Those who ordered the Smok Novo 2 highly appreciated the inclusion of four pods, which meant that they would not have to invest in new ones for two to three weeks.
The user manual that comes with this vaping device is easy to comprehend and includes a twelve month warranty. Consider reading the warranty’s terms and conditions to avoid voiding it.


Improvements and Upgrades all around

     The exterior design and build quality of the Smoke Nova 2 pod mod is like most products from Smok – superb. Everything is also solid internally and users haven’t noticed any strange sounds while vaping so far. Additionally, there are a wide range of color options to choose from. Some may not be the best, but there are enough options to choose something according to your liking. As mentioned earlier, the Smok Novo 2s battery is a massive improvement over the first model’s battery. The battery of 450 mah in Novo 1 was only decent for 300 to 360 puffs.
     On the other hand, the 800 mah battery used in Novo 2 can last longer and offer users around six hundred puffs or even more. It can last about 2 to 3 days on average, which is a good thing considering that charging it takes about two hours.
Smok Novo 2 Comes with an LED based battery indicator, an excellent addition to notify users about battery life and any issues with the mod. Let us look at what the different light colors indicate:

- If your battery is below thirty percent, the light will flash red
- The light will be green if your device is charged completely
- Orange light indicates that your battery is between thirty and seventy percent
- If there is a short circuit, your device’s while LED light will flash 5 times
- The light will flash fifteen times if the voltage is low

     Smok was very careful and considerate when designing the Novo 2 pods and it really shows. The inclusion of duck billed mouth pieces will comfortably fit your lips. Accessing the side fill port is quite easy and this product’s design also ensures that users don’t face any trouble when checking their pods juice levels.
You just have to pull your pod up, check the liquid and simply put it back. This process only requires a few seconds and is quite easy to perform. The manufacturers pod strong enough to ensure that users don’t have to face any trouble when wiggling. As far as the airflow of the Smok Nova 2 goes, it is quite tight. However, it isn’t adjustable, but it can be a good thing depending on your perspective. For some people, the tight airflow makes it easier to use the vape.


What Else did Smok do to Upgrade Novo 2

The people at Smok went above and beyond to make sure this device is compatible with different pods, all of which are ideal for different vaping styles. The pods that come with the starter kit have 1.4 and 1.0 ohm resistances. Smok has a total of seven Novo 2 compatible pods ranging from 0.8 ohms to a whopping 1.5 ohms. All pods have a capacity of 2ml, which is perfect for a vape of 25 watts. The best thing about these replacement pods is that they are quite easy to find and do not cost much. People will particularly like the Smok Novo 2 if they are making the transition from disposables or did not like the initial Smok Novo variant.


Easy to Use

     As mentioned abundantly, using the Smok Novo 2 is quite straightforward, like most devices from the Novo line. If your device is full charged, all you need to do is grab your pod, and add some nicotine liquid into it.
You will find the Smok Novo 2s fill port on the side. You just need to open it, use a syringe to fill it with the nicotine liquid, push your pod inside the connection, and that is it. Here are the steps you essentially need to follow

- Start by charging the device
- Fill your pod
- Insert it in the vape
- Start inhaling on the mouthpiece


What About the Flavor Quality

     While the first Smok Novo was perfect for its intents and purposes, it lacked some oomph. Using a higher nicotine e-liquid was the only way to get more flavors out of the original Novo model. Fortunately, the Novo 2 significantly improves on this, thanks to is excellent power output of 24 watts. The MTL pods that come with the kit are capable of holding e-liquid around 2 ml, guaranteeing excellent flavor quality.
     The 1.0 ohm pod’s lower resistance produces a higher yield as far as vapor production is concerned. That said, it is worth keeping in mind that the MTL pod of 1.4 ohm and its tighter airflow offered an excellent throat hit and flavor production. Similar to many other devices, the Novo 2 by Smok works best when you pair it with nicotine based salt e-liquids. This is because of the higher content of nicotine, which results in superb throat hits.


A Delight for Vape Lovers

     The Novo 2 is definitely worth it for vaping enthusiasts for its excellent airflow and affordable price. With a cost of only around seventeen Dollars, this vape offers almost everything you could ask for. You can even charge this vaping device while vaping, a feature that offers an extra layer of convenience and makes your experience even better.
If you notice your pod blinking and it fails to offer the hit you expect from it, there could be a connection issue. In most cases, this happens because the pod isn’t completely seated. You can easily fix this issue by taking the pod out and putting it back on the connection. In case that doesn’t work, it would be best to use a cotton swab and clean the swab thoroughly. If that does not work either, your battery may have an issue and changing it would be ideal.


Smok Novo 2 – The Good and the Bad

The Good
- Easy to use
- Convenient pass through charging
- The battery lasts long
- Excellent air flow

The Bad
- Charging can take a long time
- The airflow is not adjustable


Final Thoughts

    The Novo 2 by Smok is undoubtedly a massive improvement over the first version, mainly because of the new and improved battery and tighter airflow. If you are looking for this device, you can find this delightful it at Cloud 9 Smoke. The Smok Novo 2s excellent build quality, comfortable mouthpiece and other quality of life features make it an excellent affordable option for new and hardcore vape lovers.
     Transitioning from cigarette smoking can be quite challenging and plenty of people relapse in their journeys, especially when they go cold turkey. Why not try a relatively healthier alternative to wean off cigarette smoking? The only issue you may find with this device is its slightly long charging time of two hours. However, since the manufacturer incorporated a pass through charging option, you can charge your vape device while inhaling on the mouthpiece. And, while adding an adjustable airflow option would have been fantastic, the vape’s regular airflow is pretty decent. It would be fair to say that the Smok Novo 2s pros far outweigh its cons, making it an exceptional vape kit that definitely offers good value for money.


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