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Olympus Saturn Ball Dab Rig

$139.99 USD $159.99

Color: Pink

Olympus Saturn Ball Rig 4

Olympus Saturn Ball Dab Rig

From $139.99 USD $159.99

Houston, We Have a Rig! Introducing the Olympus Saturn Ball Dab Rig


The Olympus Saturn Ball Rig is the dab rig you’ve been waiting for to blast off into orbit! The Saturn Ball Rig is unlike typical dab rigs and provides outstanding design and functionality that you can’t miss out on. The Saturn Ball Rig features exquisite armor and tubing made of borosilicate glass and sits on a wide base to ensure that this rig will stay in place atop any flat surface! This dab rig comes locked and loaded with a 90-degree joint piece paired with a fixed disc percolator to ensure that the trajectory of your smoke will stay smooth throughout intergalactical travels to the dome. The Saturn Ball Rig is always ready for comfortable take off with its bent neck and rimmed mouthpiece; with these features, you can host any and all seshes with leisure and ease! You can find the Olympus Saturn Ball Rig outfitted with colored accents on its joint piece, downstem, and rimmed mouthpiece in your choice of four futuristic colors. Not to mention, the stellar Olympus Saturn Ball Rig is loaded with a millefiori mushroom on its perc paired with a flower of life graphic on its base! This dab rig is definitely made to be your new #1!


Olympus Saturn Ball Dab Rig Features


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