MOB Hookah  |  SKU: S77456-LHT

MOB Timber Hookah

$149.99 USD

Color: Light Wood Finish

Mob Timber Hookah Light Wood Finish
MOB Hookah

MOB Timber Hookah

$149.99 USD

If you're looking for a beautiful all-in-one table top hookah for your collection, the MOB Timber Hookah is perfect for you! Standing just over 2ft. tall, the MOB Timber is a fantastic small, portable, and on-the-go hookah for when you want to take it to a friends house or just simply travel around. The elegant design features a beautiful wood finish on the stem that gives the hookah a unique and luxurious feel as opposed to MOB's usual stainless steel designs. Not only does this piece look great, the Timber Hookah will bring out the fantastic flavor of your shisha while providing a smooth draw and great cloud production. Available in multiple finishes. 

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