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MOB Glass The Double Stack Straight Water Pipe

$159.99 USD

Color: Ooze

MOB Glass The Double Stack Straight Water Pipe 1
MOB Glass

MOB Glass The Double Stack Straight Water Pipe

$159.99 USD

MOB Double Stack Water Pipe

MOB hits back with DOUBLE the action this time with their new Double Stack Water pipe. This intuitive water pipe features a double matrix percolator system to soothe the harsh smoke before sending it to your lungs. The MOB Double Stack Water Pipe is reinforced with borosilicate glass to make sure you’ve got a pretty durable water pipe to lug around, although it is not invincible. The system present within this piece of glass is unlike another because it has each matrix percolator individually bonded to the chamber so you’re not going to dislodge or break any of those the way that our competitor’s water pipes do. The Double Stack Water Pipe is a flex at any party and a hard hitter for all of the solo smoke sessions you could dream up.


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MOB Glass is the premier glass brand based out of Atlanta, GA. and creates dab rigs and thick glass water pipes all for affordable prices. Most of the MOB Glass pieces won’t break the bank, but that does not mean their water pipes are cheaply made. Using only the best borosilicate glass, MOB Glass competes with the more expensive brands by incorporating unique designs that include complex perc systems. MOB Glass offers a wide range of styles from glass dab rigs, thick glass beaker water pipes, big and small straight tubes, mini recyclers, handheld and upright bubblers, handheld pipes, dry ash catchers, perc ash catchers, quartz bangers, carb caps, and so much more. Every MOB Glass piece is carefully made with every inch giving you literally more bang for your buck!


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