MOB Hookah  |  SKU: SKU-694-Gold

MOB Striker Hookah

$99.99 USD

Color: Gold

MOB Striker Black and Rainbow Glass Hookah
MOB Hookah

MOB Striker Hookah

$99.99 USD

Stand out from the crowd with the MOB Striker Hookah. Made with an all stainless steel design, the Striker Hookah is a durable and fun hookah to add to your collection. Don't worry about having to purchase added accessories as this hookah comes equipped with everything you need. The Striker Hookah includes a durable stainless steel tray, a built-in downstem, and a medical grade silicone hose. The hookah also features a removable diffuser allowing you to customize your smoking experience the way you like. With the multiple color designs and rainbow glass vase, this hookah definitely 'strikes' everyone's eyes. Get the MOB Striker Hookah today!

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