MOB Hookah  |  SKU: SKU-692-Gold

MOB Madera Hookah

$149.99 USD

Color: Gold

MOB Madera Silver Hookah with Wood Finish
MOB Hookah

MOB Madera Hookah

$149.99 USD

Take your hookah on the go in style with the MOB Madera Hookah. This elegant hookah features a beautiful wood finish stem with a gold or silver backsplash, a durable, high-quality crystal glass vase, a on/off diffuser on the downstem, and a medical grade silicone hose. Additionally, the Madera Hookah is only 24" tall making it a great travel companion when you want to smoke on-the-go or a luxury table top piece.  Get the MOB Madera Hookah Today!

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