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Smokah Hookah Gamma N102

$119.99 USD $139.99

Color: Carbon Black

Smokah Gamma N102 1

Smokah Hookah Gamma N102

$119.99 USD $139.99

All About the Hubbly Bubbly! Introducing the Smokah Gamma N102


Looking for a high end hookah that’s all about smooth smoking experiences? Look no further! The Smokah Gamma N102 is a premium hookah that’s made for top-tier seshes. The Smokah Gamma N102 is equipped with a wide, stacked base made from tempered glass. The Gamma’s wide base works in unison with its matte stainless steel diffused downstem to give you peaceful seshes filled with silky smooth smoke! The Smokah Gamma N102 is furnished with a singular hose port, meaning you have all the power to enjoy this amazing hookah to yourself (or with the homies if you’re feeling generous). The Gamma features posh design and is outfitted with colored accents on its downstem, stem, metal tray, and matching clay bowl in your choice of 3 luxurious colors! Make the Smokah Gamma N102 yours for life!


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