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MOB Hookah Rival

$109.99 USD $134.99

Color: Black

MOB Hookah Rival Black
MOB Hookah

MOB Hookah Rival

$109.99 USD $134.99

Crowning Glory! Introducing the MOB Hookah Rival


The MOB Hookah Rival is made for top of the line seshes, and it definitely doesn’t disappoint! The MOB Hookah Rival is a premium hookah that is equipped with a wide, stacked base made from tempered glass. The Rival’s tempered glass base is outfitted with a solid white color and features glass windows so you can witness this amazing hookah working its magic! The MOB Hookah Rival features a broad stainless steel downstem that works along with its wide base to give you smooth, effortless, and shisha filled smoke with every hit. The Rival’s single hose port makes this hookah one to share with the homies, or with yourself if you prefer intimate seshes. The MOB Hookah Rival is furnished with an external purge valve for ultimate convenience, so you can waste out old smoke without interrupting a sesh in the process. You can find the MOB Hookah Rival equipped with a posh metallic stem outfitted in your choice of 3 colors! It’s time to gain the glory that comes with the MOB Hookah Rival.


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 MOB Hookah Rival Kit


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