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MOB Glass Section 8 Beaker Water Pipe

$149.99 USD $179.99

Color: Black

MOB Glass Section 8 Beaker Water Pipe with Wig Wag Worked Glass in Multiple Colors Bright Yellow
MOB Glass

MOB Glass Section 8 Beaker Water Pipe

From $149.99 USD $179.99

Be Entranced by the MOB Glass Section 8 Beaker

MOB Glass has always pulled through with quality glass products that blow others out of the water. The MOB Glass Section 8 Beaker is enough to blow all avid bud smokers out of the water, and into the astral realm! This beaker water pipe features 8 sections of design with its wig-wag accents and solid color features elements found all throughout this piece. The Section 8 Beaker is made from premium borosilicate glass, ensuring this wicked design will not be forfeited by high heats and physical disruptions. This beaker base water pipe has a straight neck and flare-lipped mouthpiece, optimizing every hit and delivering the most out of your herb with every toke. On the neck of the Section 8, MOB features a gem-shaped dichro marble that looks fresh out of outer space! The other side of this water pipe’s base features a marble that looks like a portion of the wig-wag design has branched out into its own flower. The Section 8 Beaker comes equipped with a 90-degree joint with a fixed perc downstem. This beaker base water pipe’s 4-hole diffy perc will allow your smoke to travel seamlessly into the water chamber, and smoothen out all hits. The MOB Section 8 Beaker is a timeless addition to our collection, and will most definitely be part of yours! 

MOB Glass Section 8 Beaker Features


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