MOB Glass  |  SKU: 2366-BL

MOB 18 Inch Elite Beaker V2

$250.00 USD

Color: Black/White

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MOB Glass

MOB 18 Inch Elite Beaker V2

$250.00 USD

MOB 18 inch Elite Beaker Water Pipe


MOB Glass is back at it again with the 18 inch Elite Beaker V2 Water Pipe! This large and in charge piece of glass features varying color-dipped designs and a flower of life Fibonacci pattern across the beaker bottom. Yes, I did say beaker! This artisan engineered  water pipe is a beaker pipe, which means there’s much more room for your smoke to gather and more surface area available for diffusion. This means that the smoke traveling down this pipe and into your lungs is filtered as much as possible and each toke is smooth and easy on your sensitive lung fibers. This 18 incher features an ice catch too so every perfectly percolated rip is going to be ice cold! This is a simple yet incredibly functional, classic water pipe build that will always satiate your smoking desires!


MOB 18 inch Water Pipe Features





MOB Glass is the premier glass brand based out of Atlanta, GA. They create dab rigs and thick glass water pipes all for affordable prices. Most of the MOB Glass pieces won’t break the bank, but that does not mean their water pipes are cheaply made. Using only the best borosilicate glass, MOB Glass competes with the more expensive brands by incorporating unique designs that include complex perc systems. MOB Glass offers a wide range of styles from glass dab rigs, thick glass beaker water pipes, big and small straight tubes, mini recyclers, handheld and upright bubblers, handheld pipes, dry ash catchers, perc ash catchers, quartz bangers, carb caps, and so much more. Every MOB Glass piece is carefully made with every inch giving you literally more bang for your buck!


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