MAV Glass Honeycomb Recycler

$300.00 USD

MAV Glass Glass Recycler Dab Rig with Honeycomb Perc
MAV Glass

MAV Glass Honeycomb Recycler

$300.00 USD

You deserve only the best for your dry herbs and concentrates. With the MAV Honeycomb Recycler, you can achieve a fantastic smoking experience every use. Made by MAV Glass, a high-end company based in Los Angeles, this recycler provides amazingly smooth hits. The recycler includes a honeycomb perc, a favorite among the smoke industry, that forces the smoke through a bunch of small holes diffusing and cooling it as you inhale. The recycler function then further filters your smoke and water by pushing both the smoke and water through tubes and chambers that recycles through the piece providing cooler and smoother hits. The transparent glass piece includes colored accents giving you a sophisticated, simple, and clean look. Elevate your smoking experience to the highest quality with the MAV Glass Honeycomb Recycler Today!

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