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International Trap Star Etched Illuminati Beaker

$119.99 USD

Color: Amber

International Trap Star Etched Illuminati Beaker 1
International Trap Star

International Trap Star Etched Illuminati Beaker

$119.99 USD

International Trap Star Etched Illuminati Straight Tube Beaker Water Pipe


Trying to figure out who's a clone and who's not? Try out a brand new water pipe from underground glass champs. This water pipe features an elegant, but tough Illuminati design. The folks over at International Trap achieve this feat by carving a reformatted design onto the hand-blown glass with lasers (yes, freaking laser beams), and don’t count this aesthetic as functionless because this etching acts like a sort of grip tape when you’re ripping this medium-sized water pipe. The downstem in this water pipe is home to 6 diffusers that help the smoke filter before they get to your lungs. Not so fast! Before you go, notice the ice catcher at the base of this straight tub water pipe. This feature will ensure that you manage the coolest, smoothest hit possible.


International Trap Star Etched Illuminati Features


International Trap Star About


Founded in 2019, International Trap Star is. company based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Their primary focus when making pieces is to make something of high-quality, durable material while also providing this service at a reasonable cost. All International Trap Star products are sculpted from tempered glass and emblazoned with the I.T.S. logo. As well, ergonomic capabilities are also often taken into consideration with International Trap Star because they may not feature some medusa-like percolator, but they’ve got got enough perks between diffusers that the job of the dab rig, water pipe, etc will always function at the highest level possible.


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