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Hubbard Banger Hanger V2 w/ Ball Perc

$599.99 USD

Color: Red

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Hubbard Glass

Hubbard Banger Hanger V2 w/ Ball Perc

$599.99 USD

Hubbard Glass Banger Hanger V2 w/ Ball Perc


Hubbard Glass delivers another heady master piece with their Banger Hanger V2 w/ Ball Perc Dab Rig. This thick ol’ piece of glass is crafted from varying layers of borosilicate glass with raised spots and a diamond-shaped gripping facet on the left side if you're facing the mouthpiece of this dab rig. This wonderfully succinct dab rig features a ball rig fixed to two joints within the main chamber, as well as a fixed downstem also donned with raised red spots. Upon the ball, rig a wig wag covers it in its entirety. Another wig-wag-esq design sits within a small bubble-knotch on the right side to allow for a better gripping surface to insure you keep this classy heady safe for as long as possible. 


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About Hubbard Glass


Chris Hubbard, a top tier glassblower with years of experience, has been perfecting a line of glass called Hubduction", which he has been working to perfect for years. He enjoys leading glass blowing classes, but when he's not you can find him beauty the lathe crafting intricate heady pipes of all shapes and sizes. His style utilizes color and wig-wags, as well as shapes of all different colors and sizes. 


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