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Gambino Tornado Dab Rig

$129.99 USD

Color: Blue

Gambino Tornado Dab Rig (Allow Images)
Gambino Studios

Gambino Tornado Dab Rig

$129.99 USD

Gambino Glass Studios Tornado Dab Rig


Twist into euphoria with the Gambino Tornado Dab Rig! Gambino is already known for providing high quality tempered glass and stellar hand pipes and water pipes, but take an extra look at this dab rig, as Gambino has hit the sweet spot in terms of size, durability, and function. This dab rig features a simple yet elegant slightly bent neck that feeds into a larger than average chamber, ultimately concluding into succinct 5 hole diffuser. Though the picture advertises a dry herb attachment, this pipe is know for its work with concentrates. The sleek size makes it an easy travel companion and the fixed downstem adds to this piece’s durability. Without many of the bells and whistles, the cost of this dab rig remains moderate, though it still delivers the punch that Gambino water pipes and dab rigs are known for. 


Gambino Glass Studios Tornado Dab Rig Features




About Gambino Glass Studios


One of the newest high-end glass brands, Gambino Glass Studios has a full array of exciting new water pipe designs. Standing head-to-head with even the most notorious brands, Gambino will make even the most avid smoker weak at the knees. Each piece is crafted with thick borosilicate glass that stands the test of time with perfectly crafted perc that helps cool your rips. Although a relatively new company, Gambino Glass Studio has years of experience creating beautiful, handcrafted glass with that old school vintage water pipe style. Cloud 9 Smoke Co. and proud to have a bevy of in-house glass experts that inspect and examine each piece before it’s shipped out the door.


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