AFM  |  SKU: SKU-598-Green

AFM Shower Banger Hanger

$129.99 USD

Color: Green

AFM Glass Dab Rig with Shower Head Perc

AFM Shower Banger Hanger

$129.99 USD

Always providing high-quality glass, Alien Flower Monkey can take your concentrates to the next level with the AFM Shower Banger Hanger. This uniquely designed dab rig combines simplicity and functionality to give you a fantastic glass piece. The shower head perc maximizes diffusion by filtering and cooling your smoke as you inhale while the bent neck mouth piece keeps the water away from your mouth. Additionally, the AFM Shower Banger Hanger includes a 14mm push bowl that gives you the option to enjoy both concentrates and dry herb all in one piece. The AFM Shower Banger Hanger is great go-to every day piece any smoker should have. Available in Green or Blue.

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