Toro Tree Ash Catcher (HALL OF FAME)

$199.99 USD

Toro Tree Ash Catcher Clear for pipe

Toro Tree Ash Catcher (HALL OF FAME)

$199.99 USD

Toro Tree Ash Catcher | HALL OF FAME*

Looking to add some extra bubbles to your Toro piece or want to give your standard water pipe a touch of Toro, the Toro Tree Ash Catcher is for sure to elevate your water pipe's function while keeping it cleaner and shinier for longer. This ashcatcher features the signature Toro tree perc that makes tons of bubbles and provides fantastic diffusion before the smoke even reaches your pipe. The Toro Tree Ash Catcher fits a standard 14mm female joint and features a 14mm male joint with a 14mm female dry herb bowl. This ashcatcher is designed with completely clear glass with black Toro script labeling.

Toro Tree Ash Catcher Features:

About JP Toro Glass

Known worldwide as a scientific glass pioneer JP Toro is the most respected name in the industry. His brand, Toro Glass, focuses on not only design but also high functionality. Each piece is rigorously designed and tested to meet the standards of avid smoking connoisseurs. Toro sets the bar high when it comes to brand recognition and cutting-edge designs. It's no wonder collectors all over the world can't get enough of Toro Glass. Cloud 9 Smoke Co. is one of only a handful of recognized dealers that sell Toro Glass. 

Cloud 9 Smoke Co. is a trusted, authorized dealer of 100% Authentic Toro Glass.

* HALL OF FAME - This product is sold out and has retired to Cloud 9 Smoke Co's Hall of Fame.

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