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Toro Mac XL - Purple/Wisteria (HALL OF FAME)

$419.99 USD

toro glass mac xl purple and wysteria dab rig with female joint

Toro Mac XL - Purple/Wisteria (HALL OF FAME)

$419.99 USD

J.P. Toro is the leading innovator and artist behind Toro Glass. He has perfected his skills and has dominated the industry with his color designs and unique percolators in his glass pieces. The Toro Mac XL is one of the most simple designs of Toro Glass Pipes. The Mac XL features a fixed diffused downstem that will provide ample percolation bringing out the pure flavor of your product. This Toro rig is designed with a blue stardust mac diffuser and a blue stardust and wysteria lip rim and base rim. The Toro Mac XL stands at approximately 6" tall and features a 14mm female joint. 

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Toro Mac XL - Blue Stardust/Wysteria Features:

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