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Toro Peach Froth Macro XXL (HALL OF FAME)

$549.99 USD

JP Toro Glass For Sale. Peach Froth Perc Macro XXL Concentrate Oil Rig.
Toro Glass

Toro Peach Froth Macro XXL (HALL OF FAME)

$549.99 USD

Toro Glass Peach Froth Macro XXL

Enhance your smoking experience and bolster your glass collection with this deliciously worked Toro Glass Peach Froth Macro XXL. Designed by world-renowned scientific glass pioneer, JP Toro has created a timeless and incredibly stylish piece that is a perfect daily driver. This piece features a single-chamber full-color froth diffuser that helps break down smoke into irresistible bubbles, then pushed down toward the base for additional filtration. This Toro also lets you customize your smoking experience with various water levels that offer just the right amount of chug and resistance. Whether you're a seasoned collector or someone just starting, this Mac XXL is ideal because of its smooth function. 

Toro Glass Peach Froth Macro XXL Features

About JP Toro Glass

Known worldwide as a scientific glass pioneer JP Toro is the most respected name in the industry. His brand, Toro Glass, focuses on not only design but also high functionality. Each piece is rigorously designed and tested to meet the standards of avid smoking connoisseurs. Toro sets the bar high when it comes to brand recognition and cutting-edge designs. It's no wonder collectors all over the world can't get enough of Toro Glass. Cloud 9 Smoke Co. is one of only a handful of recognized dealers that sell Toro Glass. 

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