Toro 25mm Grail 14mm (HALL OF FAME)

$204.99 USD

Toro 25mm grail 14mm quartz banger for sale online at Cloud 9 Smoke Co

Toro 25mm Grail 14mm (HALL OF FAME)

$204.99 USD

You deserve nothing less of superior quality. Toro Glass, renowned for its mixture of quality and attention to detail, is based out of New York and provides high-end scientific glass that never disappoints. With the Toro Grail, you can get the most out of your concentrates featuring the 25mm bucket that provides high volume, higher heating capability, and brings out your favorite oil's wonderful taste. The Toro Grail is hand-made from 100% pure quartz and features a sleek sandblasted toro logo on the bottom giving you clean aesthetics and fantastic function. This Grail is made with a 90 degree angle and a 14mm male joint. With the Toro 25mm Grail 14mm, you are guranteed the best-quality smoke experience. 

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