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TKO CBD Hemp Flower

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Terp Nation

TKO CBD Hemp Flower

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A Total Knock Out - Terp Nation TKO CBD Hemp Flower

Offering the best dried Hemp Flower, Terp Nation is the leader in the CBD marketplace. Packaged in a distinctive black canister, the TKO CBD Hemp Flower focuses on premium aromatic terpenes. These full-spectrum CBD plants contain essential fatty acids, protein, vitamins, minerals, and terpenes. All of the TKO CBD Hemp Flower products are third-party tested. Although the TKO CBD Hemp Flower terpenes are designed to match specific cannabis strains' flavor profiles, these flowers DO NOT CONTAIN THC. The terpene profile for TKO CBD Hemp Flower is exceptionally diverse, with each product having a distinctive scent and flavor. You will notice an instant difference with the TKO CBD Hemp Flower by Terp Nation.

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About TKO

Reserve is a family farm that approaches hemp cultivation with holistic and regenerative practices, specializing in companion planting, cover crops, plant fermentation and dynamic compost teas. As a leader in the cannabis + hemp movement for over a decade, we are dedicated to providing the purest, most elite smoking experience possible. 
Over a dozen rescued farm animals wander our lush 60 acres in the Rogue Valley. From alpacas to cows, pigs to ducks, and even a 25-year-old llama - all our animals play a special role in our ecosystem and cultivation cycle.
To see more of our daily farm life, follow us on instagram @TKO.Oregon !



  • 3.5 Grams
  • 7.0 Grams


  • Berry Xotic
  • Boax
  • Cherry Wine
  • Elektra
  • Moon Rocks
  • Lifter
  • Special Sauce
  • Suver Haze
  • White
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