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illadelph Medium Beaker - Green (HALL OF FAME)

$609.99 USD

illadelph glass medium beaker green water pipe for dry herbs

illadelph Medium Beaker - Green (HALL OF FAME)

$609.99 USD

Illadelph Medium Beaker - Red | Hall of Fame*

Make everyday a great day with the red label Illadelph Glass medium beaker. Since 2002, Illadelph glass has been a leader in the glass industry. Their scientific glass pipes and accessories are the best on the market. This Illadelph Glass medium beaker is designed with beautiful red labeling and a white downstem. The perforated downstem will give you smooth hits with minimal percolation. This Illadelph medium beaker comes with a 14mm Illadelph slide and a matching k-clip for securing the downstem. Get it today at Cloud 9 Smoke Co.! 

Cloud 9 Smoke Co. is a trusted, authorized dealer of 100% Authentic Illadelph Glass.

Illadelph Medium Beaker - Red Includes:

Illadelph Medium Beaker - Red Features:

* HALL OF FAME - This product is sold out and has retired to Cloud 9 Smoke Co's Hall of Fame.

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