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Illadelph Medium Beaker - Black (HALL OF FAME)

$549.99 USD

illadelph medium beaker black for sale online

Illadelph Medium Beaker - Black (HALL OF FAME)

$549.99 USD

Illadelph Medium Beaker - Black | Hall of Fame*

Get the best scientific glass art you can find on the market with the Illadelph Medium Beaker. This beaker made by Illadelph Glass stands approximately 19 inches tall. The Illadelph logo appears on the front of the tube along with Coat of Arms in black. Additionally, this beaker comes with a 14mm black perforated down stem providing you with cool and smooth filtered hits with minimal percolators. Included in this piece is a 14mm single-hole slide and a k-clip to keep your down stem in place. 

Cloud 9 Smoke Co. is a trusted, authorized dealer of 100% Authentic Illadelph Glass.

Illadelph Medium Beaker - Black Includes:

Illadelph Medium Beaker - Black Features:

* HALL OF FAME - This product is sold out and has retired to Cloud 9 Smoke Co's Hall of Fame.

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