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Illadelph Bubbler - Green (HALL OF FAME)

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Wu-Tang Banger

illadelph glass bubbler green with wu-tang banger and bubbler

Illadelph Bubbler - Green (HALL OF FAME)

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Illadelph Bubbler - Green | Hall of Fame*

Blast off with an insane water pipe that features unparalleled exclusivity and combined function with the Illadelph Bubbler featuring the Wu-Tang Banger. Designed by Illadelph Glass, this high-end bubbler features a shower head diffuser with an ample amount of percolating slits providing optimal filtration. The Wu-Banger on the pipe is made with high quality quartz glass and utilizes a swing arm carb cab giving you a unique all-in-one banger you can’t find anywhere else. The Illadelph Bubbler is designed with a green shower head perc, green Illadelph lettering, and Illadelph Coat of Arms on the back. 

Cloud 9 Smoke Co. is a trusted, authorized dealer of 100% Authentic Illadelph Glass.

Illadelph Bubbler - Green Includes:

Illadelph Bubbler - Green Features:

* HALL OF FAME - This product is sold out and has retired to Cloud 9 Smoke Co's Hall of Fame.

Wu-Tang Banger

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