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Pacha Mama Vape Juice (0mg*3mg*6mg/60ml)

$19.99 USD


Pachamama Vape Juice E-liquid 60ML Bottle with 3mg of Nicotine Tropical Fruit Flavor

Pacha Mama Vape Juice (0mg*3mg*6mg/60ml)

$19.99 USD

Introducing the Infamous Pacha Mama Vape Juice!


   The Andes people have the all-encompassing spiritual legend of Pachamama surrounding fertility and harvest. According to the people of this ancient shamanic tribe, when you are talking about Pachamama, you have to view it as a compliment to Pachatata, the spiritual father of time. Time is a phenomenon devoid of other factors and travels on its spectrum.
In this way, you are discussing the unification of time and space, and the cosmos becoming one. Time is constantly changing and passing, and visualizing or feeling this constant elevation of time requires Pachamama, according to the Andes. Pachamama is the manifestation of time and existence. In the Andes Mountains in Peru, a goddess of the indigenous people has the power to create and destroy all living presence on earth, and her name is Pachamama.


Blessings of the Pachamama

     In the following indigenous culture of the Andes people, the Shamans, who were the herbal and spiritual healers, offering a mix of different fruits and plants to people for nourishment. They did so by the blessings of Pachamama, and they believed that the Goddess of fertility was responsible for such healing.
     Their use of multiple herbs and aromas inspired the makers of Charlie Chalk Dust when it came to naming their Vape Juices. The Pacha Mama Vape Juice also pay homage to the historical significance of the indigenous culture. Their fantastic line of Vape juices is the ultimate respect, not just for the indigenous tribes of the Andes Mountains but also for humans' everlasting bond with Mother Earth.


Why You Need to Know About Pacha Mama Vape Juice

     It does not matter how good your Vape Device is or how fancy or inexpensive it is. If your vape juice is not up to scratch, you will not continue vaping. If you are using vaping to stop smoking and get healthier, you will run into a problem. This is why you must pick high-quality vape juices to ensure that you can sustain this alternative habit which can eventually put your smoking habit to rest.


The Flavor is the Driver

     Pacha Mama offers a range of fantastic flavor profiles by infusing different citric options and aromas together in a very balanced and excellent way. The flavor is an essential aspect of vaping. You can replicate the smoking gesture and enjoy the cloud of smoke you exhale.If you do not want the flavor it leaves in your mouth, or you do not enjoy what you are doing, you will not find vaping an adequate replacement for previous smoking habits.
     Therefore, the flavor is the driver that makes people fall in love with vaping. Pacha Mama is a dominating force in the vape juice segment. It stands out amongst all the other vape juice companies you can think of, and you will find all sorts of flavors. Unlike most other vape juices, Pacha Mama by the makers of Charlie Chalk Dust does not limit you to the flavor profile of one element. Instead, it causes an explosion of tasty serenities on your palette.
     If you stick to a vape juice that does not offer a single flavor profile, you may get bored of it quicker than expected. Pacha Mama allows you to swap flavors, and these vape juices give you a more comprehensive range of flavors to play with. Trying out the different mix of tastes that it offers can eventually help you find something that works for you and will help you experience an everlasting smoke.
     Many new vapers often give up vaping because they cannot land on a flavor that sticks. Many people seem to search for a vape that they can use regularly. Therefore, the taste is one of the most important elements of vaping, and once you find what you are looking for, you must stock up on them—as someone new to vaping, getting your hands on high-quality vape juice such as Pacha Mama can be the key.


VG and PG Ratio

     VG and PG are the two main components of vape juices. In a 60ml bottle of Pacha Mama Liquid, most of the compounds inside are VG and PG. The flavor and nicotine are a low percentage in the bottle. The leading carriers and chemicals inside the bottle are PG and VG. PG stands for Propyl Glycol, and this liquid is relatively thin and carries flavor well. It also provides a good throat hit on the inhale. VG, on the other hand, stands for Vegetable Glycerin. This chemical is much thicker in viscosity than PG. It also does not carry the flavor as well as VG. However, it is responsible for producing more extensive and thicker clouds and vapor.
     Back in the old days, the vape juices you would purchase had an equal level of VG and PG. It had enough to make the throat hit, carry flavor, and produce a denser vapor. The devices of that time were also compatible with handling that VG and PG percentage. However, today things have changed, and people are not seeking bigger and denser clouds from vaping. Due to this desire for more significant clouds, the markets started increasing the VG ratio in the E-liquids. This is why you can find an 80-20 VG to PG ratio in the vape juices. You can also find some liquids that are labeled max VG.
     Different liquids will have different ratios. The 80-20 percent of the Pachamama Vape Juice allows users to make thick clouds of smoke. It also works well with a device that offers a high volt level and heavy coils. Some tanks are designed to provide a mouth-to-lung experience. They offer a lower volume cloud and a higher resistance.
They also have much smaller wicking holes, so if you put a 70/30 ratio of VG in it, it will have a much tricky time wicking through the coils. If you chain vape on it, you will end up with some dry burns. Therefore, it is best to know the VG to PG ratio.


Nicotine Levels

     When you are picking out a good nicotine flavor keep in mind a basic rule of thumb. If you are vaping a mouth to lung device, then a nicotine range of 9 and above is a good option. On the other hand, if you are vaping a cloudy lower sub-ohm device, it is better to go for a nicotine range of 9 and under. The best advice is to start in the middle or slightly lower than what your range should be. If you start at a high nicotine range, then it will be harsh for your throat. Similarly, if you purchase a vape juice that has a nicotine level that is less than what you need, then it will not cover your nicotine requirement.


Salt Nicotine and Freebase Vape Juices

     When you talk about salt nicotine and freebase vape juices, you are essentially referring to a pod. Both devices are technically vape products, but there is a big difference. A vape is much bigger and has a wide variety of customization options. It comes with different batteries and different tanks. The tank is a significant factor when it comes to your vaping experience.
With the sub, you can find it easier to use and maintain. However, it will cost you more in terms of flavor and clouds. Nicotine Salts contain the same nicotine you can find in tobacco leaves. However, it also contains acids that make the nicotine absorbable in the body's bloodstream.
     Freebase nicotine results from a method that tobacco companies have been using for a very long time. By manipulating the pH levels in the nicotine, it offers much more potency without increasing the dose. This is also possible for e-liquids.
To understand which works best, you will have to understand the advantages of using salt nicotine over freebase nicotine. To start with, salt nicotine is cheaper to use. While the price tag may appear a bit higher when purchasing the salt nicotine vape juice, it is more economical for the user in the long run.
     Charlie Chalk Dust offers unique salt nicotine blends such as the Pacha Mama Juice, and product of this quality usually ends up lasting the user much longer than anticipated. On the other hand, freebase nicotine will not last you as long, and you will be buying and mixing more often. This is where the confusion comes into play.


Salt Nicotine Offers Smoother Experience

     Pacha Mama is salt-based nicotine, so you can expect a much smoother throat hit on the inhale. Charlie Chalk Dust doesn’t compromise when it comes to nicotine salts. Therefore, you can expect the flavor to be smooth when it settles inside your body. The smoother hit from salt nicotine liquids can make a huge difference in your vaping experience. You can test the two different nicotine options by yourself. You must mix up a 6mg bottle of salt nicotine flavor and compare it with a freebase liquid. You will be surprised at how similar they look in appearance. By general rule, nicotine salts do not impact the flavor profile of vape juice. Freebase nicotine, on the other hand, influences the flavor of the liquid, along with its potency. Salt nicotine can lead to a richer and more flavorful experience, and this comes in handy since pod recipes require a higher percentage of flavors.

     Whether mixing your flavors or purchasing as a consumer, salt nicotine will be more stable than freebase and give you a more extended shelf life. Benzoic Acid is a component that you find in nicotine salts, and this compound aids in the application of food preservations. Manufacturers will also often use it in nicotine salts, which make them last longer. The final reason why salt nicotine is generally better than the freebase is that you can use them with less powerful devices. Many people love high-powered devices, but many people want an experience that offers a cigarette alternative without having to blow massive clouds and drawing attention in public.


Charlie Chalk Dust Pacha Mama Vape Juice Lines Review

     There are many flavors of the Pacha Mama juice lines. One of them includes frozen mango. With this selection of juice, you get a flavor profile of hand-picked juicy mango brushed with mint. Many menthol lovers that like to feel the coolness of flavors enjoy this choice of vape juice. If you love a minty feel, this flavor offers the fresh icy menthol taste.
Another flavor that has been a hit in the market is sorbet. This flavor is a mix of raspberry, lemon, and Italian ice. This is another icy option in the Pacha Mama line of Vape Juices. Many people enjoy this choice because it has a very smooth taste to it. It also offers a hint of cream flavor to it. Fuji Apple is another favorite for many people. Many people are doing different versions of this juice. It offers the flavor of the exotic Fuji apple, and also infuses it with hints of the amazing strawberry and nectarine.
     Unlike other flavors, Pacha Mama flavors offer a taste profile exactly as the label says. It offers hints of sweetness, which is well-balanced. The mix of flavors meshes perfectly together to provide a delightful treat for the palette.
All of the amazing flavors of the Pachamama collection blend emphatically well together. They settle on the taste buds with incredible subtlety and goodness. Some offer a whirlwind of tropical delights, while others cause an explosion of citric flavors in the taste buds.


Buy Beautifully Balanced Pacha Mama Vape Juices

     Mods, tanks and kits are great, but if you do not have the right juice to compliment your device, there is no point in vaping. Pacha Mama is one of the best lines of vape juice flavors currently available on the market. Their menthol flavors offer an incredible menthol blast, layered with exciting flavor tones that intertwine with the cooling effect of menthol. At unbelievable prices, Pacha Mama is available in 60ml bottles at the Cloud 9 online vape store.
     Suppose you are new to vaping or an old vape enthusiast looking to explore different combinations of nectar and tropical flavor notes. In that case, you will be able to use this without fear of chest discomfort. Cloud 9 Smoke is, therefore, an excellent option for people who need to widen their taste buds' horizons and experience new and smooth flavor profiles.


  • Blood Orange, Banana, Gooseberry
  • Fuji Apple, Strawberry, Nectarine
  • Huckleberry, Pear, Acai
  • Mango, Pitaya, Pineapple
  • Passionfruit, Raspberry, Yuzu
  • Peach, Papaya, Coconut Cream
  • Strawberry, Guava, Jackfruit
  • The Mint Leaf, Honeydew, Berry, Kiwi


  • 3MG
  • 6MG
  • 0MG


  • 60ML
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