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Premium Glass

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Cloud 9 Smoke Co. is your trusted smoke shop for the best deals on high-end glass pipes for sale. Our collection of high-end products includes thick glass water pipes, borosilicate glass dab rigs, scientific glass handheld pipes from premium brands that create products using only the best premium-grade borosilicate glass. High-end glass is not mass-produced. Instead, skilled, certified glassblowers take their time and talent creating high-end smoking water pipes one by one. Cloud 9 Smoke Co. carries only the best-of-the-best in high-end glass pipes from brands like MAV Glass, Alien Flower Monkey (AFM Glass) Illadelph, Toro Glass, Hi Si, Medicali Glass,  International Trap Star, Gambino Glass Studios, MOB Glass, and more. We want only the best for our customers. Our in-house experts inspect each and every water pipe that arrives and looks for imperfections. Every piece of high-end glass needs to pass our strict inspection process before it is ever sold. Browse through our collection of high-end glass pipes, and get one (or two) that speaks to you! If you need help choosing a piece, we invite you to click the LiveChat link or send us an email. Thanks for shopping at Cloud 9 Smoke Co.

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