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Heady's from Heaven

Cloud 9 Smoke Co. has largest Heady Glass Gallery collection you will find. Our curated collection of functional glass are pieces includes artistically hand-blown, Read More
custom glass pipes and accessories from world-renown artists like Steve Sizelove, Phil Seigal, and Etai Rahmil. Plus, many more. Heady Glass is known for its high-end, unique, and collectible style. Each Heady Glass piece is meticulously handcrafted by experienced glass artists. It takes years to master the art of Heady Glass. Intricate designs such a wig wag designs, detailed Millie embellishments, opal encasement's, are known to be an integral part of premium Heady Glass. Most heady artists have their own unique style, and personal techniques, which makes their Heady Glass brand popular with collectors. Each piece is unique and one-of-a-kind and are never mass-produced! Many Heady Glass artists use influences from pop culture, characters, music, animals, foods, as a source of inspiration! Check out the Cloud 9 Smoke Co. Heady Glass Gallery collection below! 
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