Etai Rahmil

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Passionate and Creative Designs

When it comes to producing exceptional heady glass pieces, Etai Rahmil is one-of-a-kind. Based in Portland, Oregon Etai Rahmil has been designing and producing functional glass piece for over a decade. His contemporary glass work is often inspired by musical instruments, Venetian masks, and collectible antiques. Over the term of his career Etai Rahmil has been a favorite among gallerist and museum world-wide. His passion for glassblowing began while studying at the University of Oregon in 2009. Impressed by the intricacy of glass and its mailable nature, Rahmil threw himself into creating glass full-time. Now, Etai Rhamil is one of the most recognized and sought after glass artisans across the country. Cloud 9 Smoke Co. is proud to have a variety of Etai Rhamil pieces in our collection. Explore his works of art below. 



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