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Public perception of dry herbs is changing every day. And with those changes comes a variety of products to help consume your favorite dry herbs and flower. At Cloud 9 Smoke Co., we don’t just put up every product available -- instead, we conduct user research to determine which dry herb accessories work best. We believe that quality is essential when it comes to dry herb accessories. Whether you’re a new smoker or an old stoner, we have a variety of dry herb accessories that make storing, using, consuming, grinding, rolling, vaporizing your dry herbs with only the newest products. Looking for an amazing desktop vaporizer? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We have a range of Storz & Bickel Volcano’s from the Mighty to the Crafty to the mother of all mother’s the Volcano Hybrid. Looking for a grinder to whip your flower into submission? The MOB Mulcher is the Godfather of herb grinders. How about a stylish glass slide or bowl -- we’ve got those too. Browse our dry herb accessories below -- and take your sesh to a whole new level. 


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