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American-Made AFM Glass (Alien Flower Monkey)

AFM (a.k.a. Alien Flower Monkey) is an outstanding American-made glass company based out of the City of Angels, California. AFM Glass stays true to its name with truly unique designs meant for the out-of-this-world and out-of-your-mind smoking experience. Their heavy-gauge borosilicate glass Alien Flower Monkey pieces are not just stunningly sleek and unique, they are also highly functional and most importantly affordable, making them accessible to all types of smoke enthusiasts. The company takes pride in engineering pieces by certified glassblowing masters. That is some high-level seriousness!  Beaker water pipes, straight tubes, mini rigs, ash catchers, carb & bubble caps are a prime example of their exceptional craftsmanship. From the colorful to the whimsical to the unique, there is no doubting the AFM glass will take you to the stratospheric heights of smoking pleasure. Shop our collection of AFM Glass | Alien Flower Monkey below. 


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